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    Blending the science of movement with manual therapy we address the symptoms and find the root cause of pain & dysfunction.1-on-1 sessions ensure that your program is always optimized to fit your new levels of strength, balance, and flexibility.

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    We use 6 full-body essential movement patterns to determine your unique areas of strength AND your areas to strengthen. Your body tells us where to begin a safe and effective program to get you where you want to be.

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    Optimize your performance for what you do. Whether it's work or play, we can design a program tailored to your individual or team goals. We offer Corporate and School based programs, Sport Specific Training, Injury Prevention, and more.

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about robin

Robin Dufour, PT, FAFS

Physical Therapy, Training, Coaching

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Robin Dufour, PT, FAFS, NG360 GPS is a physical therapist practicing in Maine and pursuing teaching opportunities locally and globally. She has spent the last 20 years studying the art and science of the human body and how we are affected by internal and external forces like gravity, mass and momentum, pain, joy, trauma, injury, receptive motions… the list goes on.

She received her “basic training” in physical therapy from the University of New England, graduating in 1995.

Robin has practiced in a number of settings including

  • inpatient rehabilitation focusing on recovery from stoke and spinal cord injury
  • pediatrics (children)
  • the senior population
  • athletes
  • golfers
  • runners
  • yoga enthusiasts

She continues to receive her “advanced training” with the Gray Institute and with her clients, family and friends through study of the art and science of the human body. Robin earned the distinction of Fellow of Applied Functional Science in 2010 by completing the 40-week GIFT program at the Gray Institute in Adrian, MI.

Robin is currently on the faculty at the Gray Institute as a mentor/facilitator for the prestigious GIFT program. GIFT is currently in it’s 9th year educating movement professionals from 20+ countries worldwide.


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